The goal of our professional repair staff is to provide exceptional, expert technical advice on the restoration and/or preservation of your musical items in order to maintain your instrument's peak performance condition. Hauer Music's staff are committed to achieving the highest quality standards in instrument repairs.

repairsIt is important to consider the choices available for each instrument prior to repairs or restoration. There is room for compromise because each instrument requires a unique treatment where the degree of repair should be weighed against such factors as the historical value.

Categories of instruments -- the currently replaceable, the superseded, the truly historic instruments, the rare, and the unique -- should be used as a key in determining the extent of restoration and use an instrument might undergo.

One of the essential obligations of each repair technician is to ensure the proper care and conservation of the musical instruments... and to ensure that they are repaired or restored in such a way that they can be passed on to future generations in as good and safe a condition.

There are often difficult decisions to be made in relation to the degree of replacement or restoration of lost or damaged parts of an item. Our highly trained technicians provide advice choices prior to servicing the instrument.

Part of the service provided with each instrument's evaluations or repairs covers the storage and routine care of a the item to increase the life and value of it, ensuring the enjoyment of playability for years to come.

Our technicians are trained and highly competent to deal with historical, vintage and modern pianos, band instruments, and orchestral bowed strings and possess the experience and skills needed to properly treat unique or historical instruments, trained to make an instrument function well by modern standards and look as good as possible, or to preserve the item for future generations to appreciate and enjoy. When searching for knowledgeable service technicians customers can be assured that the Hauer Music staff have the best interests of the instruments and the customers in mind.